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Signet Stretch Film

Signet is Australia’s leading supplier of high quality yet affordable stretch film products. Manufacturing blown stretch film on-site and importing the highest quality cast wraps from overseas, Signet is your trusted source of pallet wrap throughout Australia.

The key purpose of stretch film, or pallet wrap, is to provide security to a shipment during transit. It is designed to ‘hold’ the goods together by wrapping around the outside of both goods and pallet securing the two together to create one stable item for shipping. This serves to contain the goods together on one pallet, minimising the chances that something will fall off and get lost, and also provides a basic cover from the elements for any pallets that will be stored outside.

Signet offer a couple of different stretch film variations, each with unique benefits useful in shipping.

Signet Blown Film

Signet’s blown film stretch film, or pallet wrap, is a very durable and puncture resistant wrap, ideal for products that have an irregular shape or are more heavy than normal shipments. It has a high-tack, meaning that it will cling to itself well, providing an extra level of security. With a high level of stretch in both directions, you can get a lot more length out of each roll by stretching round the pallet to provide a really tight wrap. Also available in black or white, perfect for use a security wrap when shipping valuable or confidential goods.

Signet Cast Film

Cast stretch film is commonly used when the product been shipped has a barcode on it that needs to be scanned, as the wrap is perfectly clear it allows for scanning through it. Silent off the roll, this wrap doesn’t stretch as much as the blown film but it is a lot easier to apply. Excellent for use with boxes that have external barcodes, as the ability to scan through the wrap saves time when loading pallets for transit.

Signet Ultimate Film

The Signet Ultimate film is a stretch wrap which is unique to Signet, and provides all the strength and security of blown film, but the state of the art resin technology used in its manufacture provides more length from each roll. Uses up to 20% less film than most other films when wrapping boxes or pallets, and is ideal for hand use. It won’t neck down when stretched providing excellent coverage and the superb puncture resistance ensures sharp edges won’t ruin your wrap.